# How to pledge mining

Before start,You will need: A mobile phone TUKE wallet

# 1、Install TUKE wallet

Use your phone to download TUKE and install it

# 2、Import your Thinkium address in TUKE

Open TUKE Click "Import Wallet" Enter your mnemonic phrase Add a descriptive name to your account Add a password to your account Repeat the password you just filled Then click next

# 3、Home page selection transfer-cross-chain transfer

Click Transfer-Cross-chain transfer, select the PoS chain, and transfer the amount you want to pledge (starting at 1000, a handling fee of about 2 TKM is required)

# 4、Select consensus node and pledge

Click the PoS button Click I want to pledge Choose the mining pool you want to pledge Enter the amount you want to pledge Click I want to pledge

# 5、Waiting for your pledge to take effect

Your pledge will take effect within 2 ERA, please be patient